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Lasersko signirni stroj FL Mark - O

Laser marking machine FL mark - O

Fiber laser marking machines or as some call them lasers for engraving, marking provide the user with very fast and accurate marking as they allow the cutting of letters in the size of 0.15mm. Fiber marking laser is mainly used for marking on all metallic materials as well as some non-metallic materials such as: clear acrylic glass, glass, wood, etc. In the company DBK d.o.o. we have brought to our customers a wide range of fiber lasers at very affordable prices for which we offer service and a guarantee of up to 3 years. FL-mark - O Open laser marking machine.
From 5,502.20 € incl tax
Lasersko gravirni stroj FL - 340

Laser engraver FL - 340, 45W (p.p. 55W)

The FL-340 laser engraving machine, with a working surface of 300x400mm, is an upgrade of its predecesssor FL-K40, to which we have added a larger table and the possibility of processing higher objects. It is distinguished by linear guides and stable mounting of the optics, because it prevents the optics from constantly changing. The machine is suitable for making stamps and engraving small objects such as tiles, pendants and similar products. It is partly useful for cutting wood and similar products, because it has poorer blowing due to better engraving. The machine is suitable for beginners as well as for professional use.

EXW Radlje ob Dravi
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